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Softub Express Professional

2 months ago Services East Rochester   313 views
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Address:     825Fairport Rd, East Rochester, NY 14445


Phone:        (800)996-8827


E-mail:            NYSoftub@gmail.com


Website:         https://www.softubexpress.com/


Hour:              Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM


Payment :       ApplePay, PayPal, all major credit cards


Category:        HotTub Store


Description:    Softub Express of Rochester, NY sells America’s favorite portable hottub, the Softub. A better alternative to an inflatable or blow up hot tub,Softubs are a portable alternative to traditional hot tubs. Softub Express alsosells hot tub chemicals and accessories. In New York we service Rochester,Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Albany.


A Softub is perfect for those needing hydrotherapy or stressrelief.  Hydrotherapy can help witharthritis and tendonitis as warm water pressure helps to revive and relax andcan reduce blood pressure and boost circulations. Hot tub sessions arescientifically proven to give you a better nights sleep. Your Softub could alsoeven help you with Type 2 Diabetes, in little as thirty minutes a day, bylowering blood sugar levels by mimicking the effect of insulin.


Softubs are an energy-efficient and eco-friendly hot tub alternative,as a market leader when it comes to the use of heat recovery technology. TheHydromate incorporates a pump, motor, and heater into a single unit. Thefiltered water is warmed using heat generated by the motor, reducing energyconsumption to an absolute minimum. Softubs are more cost effective andaffordable than traditional tubs. Both upfront and maintenance costs are muchlower. All Softubs are registered as energy-efficient appliances and aremanufactured in a “green” facility in the USA! 


Softub Express stands for individuality, environmentalfriendliness, and maximum flexibility. Our tubs provide a way to relax andunwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life. Softubs aresofter, more comfortable than traditional hot tubs and more flexible withlocation possibilities and ease of setup. Our tubs are extremely portable andcan be brought back and forth between outside and inside, or room to room.


Softub Express offers multiple ways to customize your tubthrough standard exterior and interior color combinations as well as theability to create custom colors for an additional charge.


Our hot tub chemicals, supplies, and accessories includesanitizers, pH products, vinyl cleaners and conditioners, comfort pillows,thermal blankets, all-weather rattan decking, and even spa side tray tables tohold your morning coffee or evening wine. Visit our website to view all of ourhot tub accessories.


Call us (800) 996-8827.



Facebook :     https://www.facebook.com/SoftubExpress/


Twitter :      https://twitter.com/softubexpress


Google+ :      https://plus.google.com/106691369916722991558


Youtube :      https://www.youtube.com/user/SoftubExpress


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